10 Dominating SEO Trends for 2019

As Google changes all year round, so does search engine optimization. Webmasters who want to keep their rankings and traffic (and potentially gain even more) are always on the lookout for the new ways to beat their competitors, thus setting new SEO trends. And now that 2018 is rapidly approaching its end, it’s time to ask ourselves: what can we expect from SEO in 2019? Folks from  Logo Design Guru  took it upon themselves to look into this problem. The result is an infographic describing the latest SEO trends which will be prevalent in the coming year. What are they? 1. Voice search domination The list opens with the entry everybody saw coming. It’s hard not to, with so much talk about it! The bigger mobile Internet grows, the further we get removed from good old orthodox typing. Teaching computers to understand our speech – that’s what the future is about. And the path to this bright future lies through  voice search SEO . It is said that by 2020, half of all online tra